ah, monday morning..

June 1, 2020

finding positives in the day

good morning y'all...

so, i started this Monday morning like every morning....woke up, fixed a glass of water, downed it, fixed another, hit the b-room, & grabbed one of my leftover blunts from last night (oh, and during all of this, i grabbed a few sections of a toffee chocolate bar out of my freezer). after opening the blinds and allowing the sunlight to pour into my bedroom, i lit up, and took a few puffs while glancing around - the sky, light blue, had small blots of white you could barely call clouds scattered throughout, a middle-aged woman, blonde hair, wearing a brown hat and matching jacket was walking her white lab across a parking lot four stories below, and the only sound i could hear was the chirping of birds that i couldn't see....a slight breeze picked up and by the time i was done, i thought i would be ready to close the blinds, get the warmness off of my body, the sunlight out of my face, so that i could read the news in my dark bedroom, like i do every morning....except this Monday morning the warm sun felt more inviting than intrusive and the birds i couldn't identify had seemed to give me the beat i needed for my morning. as i started to read the news, i saw what we've all seen the last few days, none of it really positive, but the sun still didn't bother me, and because i hadn't closed the window and blinds and my bedside fan wasn't still running like it normally is, i could still hear the birds, and i continued to look out the window wishing one of them would fly by so i could identify at least one of my morning serenaders. it never happened, i finished my reading quicker than normal, (20 min as opposed to my normal hour or more) and when i got up, one of them finally identified himself, or herself. a flash of red flew by my window, a cardinal i'm guessing, and while fixing my fruits and getting ready for the day i walked to my living room window every so often, the sound still coming from outside, birds flying by at a swift pace, often.....i didn't bother to turn on any music, another morning habit, and i finally found myself just hanging out by the window, arms resting on the its frame, my head poking out slightly, catching more of the breeze, taking in more of what was around me.

i know 2020 has been a tough time on everyone and without getting political, argumentative, or negative, i just wanted to share my morning with y'all, and to say that i hope whoever took the time to read this finds the same joy in his or her day.

****oh, and let's giveaway a free signed copy or t-shirt! i'm assuming that everyone here has social media (you can find all of mine on my home page). please go to one of mine (doesn't matter which), find the post of my squirrel text with mom (from five days ago) and make your funniest/coolest comment. i'll pick a winner this Friday at noon, and he or she is welcome to either a free signed copy or t-shirt. by the bye, this post of the squirrel is not on "linkedin".....if that is all you have, please just message me a funny comment there!

have a very cool day!

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