Tips for writing...but i think this can be applied to all fields

June 15, 2020

Tips on writing...but i think this can be applied to any field

I have received several emails asking about writing advice, so that is what i am going to talk about today. Last night i told myself i would write my blog knowing that today was going to be a very busy day. Instead, when i got home late last night, i smoked a blunt and started watching "The Night Clerk" on Netflix, which by the bye is a fantastic fucking movie....i highly recommend it (it's now in my top ten films). So now i sit here eating my breakfast fruits and chocolates and writing my blog later than noon.....shocker. As i stated in the title, these tips can be used not only for writing, but really anything.

  1. READ, READ, READ, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE & REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT! - i cannot emphasize this enough. if you think you are going to be the next Hemingway and nonchalantly bust out a sweet book in six weeks, i hate to break it to you, but you aren't. writing a novel, like anything of value, takes time, dedication, and a resilience i can't begin to describe. this novel took me over a year to create.....twelve hour days, 10am-6am writing binges, and three hour hair pulling sessions over getting a paragraph "just right." in other words, it takes time.....great ballets, songs, companies, etc, are not created this way and neither will your project (whatever it may be). immerse yourself in your favorite book/books, and recognize what it is you appreciate in it the description of the scenes, the way the author portrayed the characters, the writing style alone? is there something you recognize in yourself anywhere.....something you think not only interests you, but reflects your style, your thoughts, whatever? as far as the writing goes, keep at it.....when i was done with my novel for the first time, and went back, i was disgusted by what i saw in the first ten/twenty pages.....what was this fucking chicken scratch i was looking at? it was nowhere near as solid as what i had been doing the last few months....but then i said, "wait a minute, man, you're fucking killing it!'ve gotten so much better!"....and i kept moving forward. the more you practice, the better you will get.....i don't care what it management, woodworking, being a fucking clown....the best people in their fields keep working at it.
  2. FIND YOU IDEAL TIME - i am not a morning person, so i usually start around 10am, and it usually takes me a few hours to really get going. if you do your best work at night, on the weekends, or whatever, make that your time. this is also the reason i don't work out in the morning!
  3. NO DISTRACTIONS! - turn off your phone, don't check your social accounts, tell people not to bother you during these times - you get the idea. you CANNOT do productive work if your mind is distracted by other things.......(this includes a messy room, dirty dishes, unpaid bills, or an unattended to chore....if this stuff might distract you, get it done prior to....)
  4. SET YOUR WORKPLACE & PREPARE YOURSELF - i like to smoke weed, watch Shia LaBeouf's "Just Do It" video, dance wildly to one of three songs that get me riled up, and then listen to Tchaikovsky on a low level while writing.....obviously that won't work for everyone, so figure out what it is that gets you going, even if it's Nickelback (just don't tell anyone).
  5. TAKE TIME OFF - this does not mean put your project on the back burner and chill out for a month.....if this is truly a passion for you, then it will nag at you ALL OF THE TIME, ALL OF THE TIME......this is a good thing, but at the same time you cannot allow it to take over your life, so take some time off if you are feeling overwhelmed, etc, collect yourself, and then go back to killing it.
  6. WRITE FOR YOURSELF, NOT FOR WHAT IS POPULAR - this is very important.....if you have something you want to create (a book, a chair, a painting, whatever) do it for yourself, regardless of what people think.....not because you picture, "this is what the public wants"... you do the latter, and you will end up very disappointed because you have now taken your dream and tailored it to others, thus pulling away from what you really the fuck do you think i ended up naked, smoking weed, next to a blowup doll on the cover of my book....because i don't care about what people want......i write for myself.....i know there are LOADS of people that are turned off by my cover, even people i know, but again, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK......and neither should you...want to write about tractors and the farmers who love them?....if it fits your fancy, then just do it.....if people don't like what you've created, then that is their AUTONOMOUS and you will see your dream come true.....this is easily the most self-fulfilling thing i have ever done.....and i did it my way
  7. DON'T BE DISCOURAGED BY FRIENDS THAT DON'T SUPPORT YOU & FIND THOSE THAT WILL! - when i was finished with this novel, i contacted almost 150 "friends" to read it and give me their thoughts.....would you care to know how many actually read it and gave me feedback?, you didn't read that wrong......7.......the rest chose just to never return messages....some of them never returned the original message in the first place.....and these are people i have known for decades, some since need to move past stuff like that...luckily, i have always had a freedom from worry, or any preoccupation, really, so i didn't give a shit, but this might be harder for some.....don't let it get to you.....find friends that will give you an honest opinion on your work.....someone will appreciate the quilt you made, the house you built, the invention you came up with, and they will support you because they care and because they want to see you do well (wanting to see you do well is the main component!)......also remember that the majority of successful people, if not all, were made so by complete strangers, people who just valued and appreciated their work.

All of this can really be applied to all want to be the best cook? real estate agent? chief financial officer? janitor?....whatever it is, PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT & BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I hope this has been helpful if you have taken the time to read it. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about a topic for my blog, please message me here.

And for today's "Giveaway" just drop me a message here on my website and tell me what you thought of today's blog, and i will randomly pick a winner.

Respect, have a very cool week & follow your heart......because fuck the odds...


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